Common Questions about LiveRez

Answers to many of the Frequently Asked Questions about LiveRez

How long have you been in business?

The LiveRez software was officially launched in early 2008, but our founder and CEO Tracy Lotz, along with some long-time team members, have been working together in the vacation rental space since the late 1990s.

How many people are on your team?

We currently employ nearly 50 full-time employees, the vast majority of which are based in our headquarters in Eagle, ID (just outside Boise). With the exception of one long-time employee that now lives and works from South Africa, all of our employees are American citizens working in the United States.

Are you independently owned?

LiveRez is independently owned and operated by our founder and CEO Tracy Lotz. We have not accepted any institutional funding from venture capitalists.

Do you have current users I can talk to about your software?

Yes. If you call our sales team they can put you in touch with a number of partners that have agreed to talk to prospective LiveRez users. You can also check out our reviews on Capterra.

Is your software cloud-based?

The LiveRez system is completely cloud-based, (SaaS) product, meaning you can log in to LiveRez anywhere you have an internet connection and a device with a browser.

Is my data secure? Do you ever share my data with other companies?

LiveRez goes to extraordinary lengths to protect your data. We’re extremely careful about any companies we integrate with. And we never share your data with outside companies unless you specifically allow us to.

At LiveRez, we host your data in a super-secure, five 9s data center (that’s 99.99999% up time). Our hosting provider is one of the most respected companies in the space, and works with more than 300,000 clients in 120 different countries.

Are you PCI-Compliant?

Through our integration with VacationRentPayment, our software is completely PCI-compliant. We do not store full credit card numbers in our system, but through a tokenization process (that displays only the last four digits of the card), our partners are able to re-charge a card on additional payments. We also have security profiles levels that allow you to restrict users from accessing even the tokenized credit cards.

How often do you update your software?

Or development team is making updates to our software virtually every day. We release these updates to our software with every two-week development sprint (and sometimes more frequently). Some weeks the changes are not as visible to partners because they’re setting up bigger things behind the scenes. Other weeks we’re introducing major pieces of new functionality.

Just this year, we’ve added a ton of new functionality:

  • A new trust accounting system

  • A fully integrated e-signature solution

  • iCal calendar syncing with multiple listing sites

  • A re-designed checkout/booking page that is fully mobile responsive

  • An online guest experience portal / app

  • A new online Help Center and Community

This is in additional to many smaller and behind the scenes updates that have been incredibly important to certain segments of partners and to future development projects.

How responsive are you to development needs?

Every new feature we develop in LiveRez is the result of a partner suggestion. We have multiple advisory boards and committees of current partners that are actively involved in the development process and give us regular feedback through each stage of development.

We have an entire section of our online community dedicated to enhancement requests, where all partners can offer suggestions for new features and up-vote/down-vote the suggestions of others.

We employ a growing team of more than 10 full-time developers. All of our development work is done in house, and we do not outsource any development.